May 20, 2024

JULIA Project Endorses Open Letter for Strengthened Public Transport Support

JULIA Project Endorses Open Letter for Strengthened Public Transport Support

The JULIA project is delighted to announce its full support for the recent open letter addressed to key European transport officials by prominent organizations including POLIS (partner in JULIA), EMTA, UITP (member of JULIA’s Advisory Board through Umberto Guida), IRU, EPTO, and Eurocities. This letter highlights the indispensable role of public transport in fostering sustainable, inclusive, and efficient urban mobility across Europe.

The joint letter, addressed to Mrs. Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport, Mrs. Karima Delli, MEP and President of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, and Mr. Georges Gilkinet, Transport Minister of Belgium and President of the Transport Council, underscores the critical need for robust political and financial backing for public transport. It outlines the sector’s contribution to economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusivity, emphasizing the strategic importance of public transport in achieving Europe’s broader goals.

As a project committed to integrating EU Space services and data (Galileo and Copernicus) into the global public transport sector, the JULIA project aligns with the letter’s call for enhanced support for public transport. The letter advocates for the recognition of public transport’s strategic importance in EU urban initiatives, the publication of a European Declaration on Public Transport, improved coordination among European institutions, and increased funding for new technologies and infrastructure.

The JULIA project shares these aspirations, recognizing that a well-supported public transport system is essential for achieving the EU’s climate neutrality targets and enhancing the quality of life for all citizens. By leveraging advanced space technology, JULIA aims to enhance the availability, efficiency, and comfort of public transport We stand united with these organizations in urging the European Commission, the Council of the EU, and the European Parliament to take decisive action in the upcoming legislative term to bolster public transport and ensure a sustainable future for urban mobility in Europe. JULIA engages with 4 PTOs (combining bus and rail operations), and will later launch an Open Call to engage more PTOs willing to enhance their operations leveraging the technology, reliant on EGNSS (Galileo) and Copernicus, developed and validated in JULIA.