July 8, 2024

JULIA Project Consortium Holds General Assembly in Thessaloniki

JULIA Project Consortium Holds General Assembly in Thessaloniki

4-5th July, Thessaloniki, Greece – The JULIA Project Consortium held its first General Assembly at the offices of our technical partner, CERTH, in Thessaloniki. The two-day meeting was a great mix of collaboration and innovation, ensuring the JULIA project is on the right track.

The assembly was marked by engaging workshops and discussions, allowing every voice in the consortium to be heard. The first day featured four key sessions focusing on various technical features and pilot areas. These sessions began with in-depth discussions on the pilot works and their definitions, led by our technical partners Rokobun and NEMI. This ensured that all consortium members were up to date and aligned in their understanding of the project’s progress.

In the afternoon, the focus shifted to COPERNICUS data and the JULIA evaluation framework. The day culminated in an exciting cycling adventure along the picturesque Thessaloniki seaside.

The second day began with a strategic alignment on the next steps for the pilot areas and technical partners and a visit of the CERTH buildings. This was followed by an interactive workshop on the Global Observatory, a key initiative of the JULIA project. This observatory, to be featured on our website, will monitor and track the progress of EGNSS adoption in public transport worldwide using reliable and quantifiable indicators. As the first of its kind, it will provide a baseline for the status of EGNSS uptake in the long lead-time public transport sector.

The General Assembly was a resounding success, fostering a spirit of teamwork and setting a clear path forward for the JULIA project.